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Trish Kane is the driving force behind Healerverse. A multi-talented individual, Trish is a Healer, Author, Global Speaker, and Coach; Among many other superpowers. Her mission is centered around promoting decentralization and uniting individuals on both local and global platforms to contribute to the healing of the world.


Trish is a passionate advocate for spiritual and holistic living and uncovering the truth about “what’s really going on.”


Having experienced a transformative near-death encounter and being resuscitated from the "other side," Trish's purpose has been deeply influenced by this profound event. With a fervent dedication to bringing people together and nurturing the healing of the body, mind, and spirit, she passionately engages in both local and global initiatives.


Accompanied by her loyal companion, Mack, her beloved dog, she embraces global explorations, seeking connections and spreading love.


From her selection of personally curated supplements that accompany her on every adventure, to the sacred rituals she performs under the enchanting glow of the new moon and full moon cycles,


Trish ardently embraces the principles of manifestation and release to nurture her own spiritual growth. Trish holds certificates to many Master Healing Modalities, a Master of Business Administration from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Iona College.


In 2014, I was found unresponsive by paramedics after my mother had a feeling something happened to me and had a wellness check done on me. I was found with a body temperature of 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius, resuscitated twice and brought back to life. During that experience, I went to “the other side,” as humans call it. It was the most profound experience of my life. This was preceded by a 9 day coma and no hope of me waking up according to doctors. They told my parents that “I would indefinitely be brain dead.” I did wake up to the news that I was comatose for 1.5 weeks, all my organs died and were kept alive by machinery. I also had 2 strokes from lack of oxygen to my brain.


I re-learnt everything again. To walk, feed myself… You name it! My left eyeball didn’t move and my face was droopy. Some recovery experiences took days, months or even years to completely heal, but I healed and better than before. This near-death experience reshaped my life, and it was the spiritual and holistic healers who guided me back, helping me not just to survive but to thrive!


Fast forward to 2020 when I received the call to build Healerverse.

My healer friends and I were “struggling” with alternative social platforms, and I had just moved to Colorado. I was disappointed with the content being permitted on other platforms and Healers content wasn’t. Additionally, I had no luck finding healers near me on google. The world deserves better than this. To find friends near us, to find healers near us and virtually globally. To give all healers the opportunity to shine! P.S. I’m a healer, and healers need healing too! If you know, you know. Happy Age of Aquarius and technology for good. It’s time to have a genuine space to find all things healing, freedom and community. It’s Healerverse time! Welcome!


5D Healerverse

Elevating Global Consciousness through Unity, Healing, and Transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.​

Healerverse empowers collaboration of healers, wellness organizations and seekers through our global community of like-minded individuals and those looking for an elevated experience. We foster collective healing through verification of Healers, Organizations, Workshops and Events locally and virtually globally through our decentralized system. 

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Healerverse Apothecary

Holistic healing is a multi-faceted journey that integrates the power of nature, self-care, and community.

Our mission is to ignite a collective shift in consciousness, bridging minds, bodies, and spirits to create a world where healing ripples outward.


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