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I'm Trish Kane.

Founder and CEO, Healererse

Healer, Entrepreneur,
& Author

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Business, Spirituality and Tech for Good

In 2014, I found myself on the brink of losing my life as I sought solace in masks and substances, desperately trying to conceal the inner turmoil of not living authentically. Recognizing the urgency for change, I embarked on a transformative journey, knowing that failure to do so would leave me permanently fragmented. No longer could I bear the weight of living a life devoid of true meaning. This second lease on life became an opportunity to heed the call of my inner powers, embarking on a quest to discover and embody my authentic self – the very best version of who I am.

After years of shedding layers of inauthenticity, discarding the masks, and engaging in deep healing, I stand here today, finally embracing and loving the true essence of who I am. The self I have unearthed, unapologetic and genuine, represents the epitome of my being.

Much of my existence was spent wearing various masks, attempting to please and conform to the expectations of others, instead of attuning to my own inner voice and authentic nature. Our culture often influences us to believe that we hold the answers for everyone, fixating on societal standards rather than honoring our individual truths. I, too, fell into this pattern. It was akin to being programmed by external forces.

Throughout my journey, I have come to understand that a higher power – whether we refer to it as God, Spirits, Angels, Archangels, Universe, Love, or our own higher selves – has always held a grand design for each of us. I have been divinely protected throughout my life, propelled towards this moment to fulfill my unique life purpose, just like every other individual. We are all bestowed with a distinct mission, and my calling is to foster unity among people, empowering them to embody their true power and embrace their unique selves. To be unabashedly oneself and celebrate their uniqueness is the most precious gift one can offer, a sacred birthright we all possess.

My journey has unfolded as a kaleidoscope of healing and spiritu

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Pioneering a Path: Merging Spirituality,

Humanity, and Tech for Healing

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Heidi Lee March

Within Waratah Wellness

"Trish is such a beautiful woman with a powerful and inspiring story. Trish delivered an empowering and motivational talk at the online ‘I Love You Week’ event that has people dropping there mouths in absolute amaze and the belief that anyone can truely change their life around for the better. 

Trish also gifted us all with the most relaxing theta meditation. This took many to a beautiful place allowing them to come out with positive guidance on receiving and redirecting themselves for the better. 

I would highly recommend having Trish speak at your event and sharing her insightful spiritual knowledge and modalities.

Thank you so much Trish for being a part of the ‘I Love You Week’ I am looking forward to working with you again real soon in the future. 

Big love and hugs of gratitude to you."


Jake Fowler

Host - Hunger for the Hustle Podcast

"I had the honor of inviting Trish to my podcast Hunger for the Hunger. We're we discussed her latest project Healerverse. I always look for guests who have the capacity to speak openly and honestly about their journey in Entrepreneurship.

I'm pleased to say that Trish did exactly that. It was a from-the-heart episode that delivered value and knowledge by the truckload for anyone in the healing and holistic space.

We also dove into Trish's own story and what led her to create Healerverse. It's a fascinating and challenging story and one that Trish told with passion and openness. Something I personally really admired.

Some people approach this world head-on and let nothing stop them in their journey to achieve their greatness and their goals. I'm pleased to have met such a person in Trish and she has inspired me to not only better myself. To also strive further, work harder on my own goals, and ultimately get more out of life."


Betty Jean Poznak

Four-time Author

"I have known Trish Kane for many years and I would recommend her to any business or speaking engagement. 

Trish spoke for me at my Beloved Daughter Be Loved Daughter conference this year,  and touched many women with her inspirational and charismatic story. 
If you are looking for a dynamic and professional business woman and speaker, search no more. Trish is your best choice. 

I am grateful to know this compassionate and loving woman who spreads hope and love everywhere she goes."
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Excited to connect with you!

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